Thank you to the Toronto Arts Council for awarding Judi Lopez the Dance Initiative Creation grant to experiment in the theatre with her piece Coming to Canada: #BlackGirlsBreak.

#BlackGirlsBreak: Hip Hop Dance theatre with House, Breaking, Popping, Locking & Pantsula

Dancers: Judi Lopez and Kosi Eze

Piece Description: #BlackGirlsBreak is about a young black woman’s experience of life in her mid 20’s.  Born and raised in Alexandra, a township around Johannesburg she makes the conscious decision to leave South Africa to live in Toronto, Canada. Thousands of kilometres away from home she sets her departure to North America to unwillingly discover unexpected challenges as a black women.  Societal pressures quickly reveal themselves from appearance to relationships at work and on the streets.  She barely finds solutions to the problems, especially when she mistakenly finds “love” in a young man at a party who ends up molesting her, leaving her in a state of confusion about who she is. The experiences take a heavy toll and leaves her devastated, broken and defeated. What more can she do but turn herself back over to her saving grace, God - who sends an angel to heal her soul and strengthen her spirit in finding unconditional love and forgiveness within herself.

Choreographers:  Judi Lopez

Community Showing August 2018