international b-girl movement.

What motivated us the most to start a b-girl movement was because of the lack of female representation at battles and in cyphers in our city. What we came to understand is, we weren't the only ones dealing with this situation. In our travels, many b-girls and b-boys express the lack of b-girls.  For various (personal) reasons women do not participate in breakin', although we focus on a few: opportunity to learn (in a supportive/safe space), low confidence and intimidation (of the dance and scene).  Many women want to try but most do not stick but how will you grab those who are interested if the opportunity is not presented?

If you are fascinated by the idea to start a b-girl movement in your city, but do not know who, what, where, why and when? or how? We would be happy to help with the community development plan, in giving tips and ways to attract and involve more women. Send us a message.

It's never too late to KeepRockinYou.

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