mentorship program.

The Past, Present and Future mentorship project is a tri-level, or triple-tier intensive that exists as an extension of the Toronto B-Girl Movement program. 


The program invites dedicated participants (men and women) to team up with members of the community they may not have encountered yet, and gives them the opportunity to work more closely with some of Toronto’s most renowned b-boys.


Groups are created in 3’s and the format is multi-generational. In each group of 3 there is a rookie, an up-and-comer, and a mentor. The rookie is a beginner b-girl from our Toronto B-Girl Movement program. The up-and-comer is someone who is currently growing within the scene. The mentor is a Toronto-based b-boy with years of dancing and teaching experience. We invite 6 mentors, therefore we host six groups of 3 for the duration of the project.


Our rookies and up-and-comers are placed in groups with mentors that can offer them the most insight and help with what they would like to work on/improve. The project is intended to help build skills, improve technique and foundation, increase knowledge, achieve personal goals, create interpersonal relationships within the scene, and (as always with KRY) create a fun and safe atmosphere for our b-girls to grow.  


At the end of the 10 weeks, we arrange a competition based on the theme of the intensive: the Past, Present, and Future 3vs3 B-girl/B-boy battle.